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Last update: Friday, 16 July 2010

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New Processor Jupiter 964

Jupiter Systems, leader in display wall processors, has added the new Fusion 964 display wall processor to its popular Fusion 960 series of high performance, cost effective processors built expressly for command and control applications.


The Fusion 964 processor is ideal for control rooms in such application settings as network operation centers (NOC), public utility control centers, intelligent traffic management centers, process control, civil and military surveillance, call centers, financial management control rooms, boardroom and video conference rooms.


It features dual Xeon processors and a PCI Express switched network of up to 42 slots, enabling the Fusion 964 to handle the largest control room configurations with performance to spare. The Fusion 964 can be configured with up to 32 outputs, 40 RGB inputs, and 160 video inputs all managed by Jupiterís ControlPoint software, a tightly integrated, easy-to-use, and comprehensive software suite. 


Washington DC Police Control Room


The Fusion 964 display wall processor incorporates all of the visual data sources found in a control room environment and displays them in moveable, scalable windows on a wide range of output devices, from desktop monitors to rear projection systems.  Possible data sources can include local applications, remote network applications, remote network RGB streams, compressed network video streams, and directly connected video and analog RGB inputs. All data sources are accessed from an intuitive and consistent software interface providing complete control of the virtual display surface


The 960 processors offer faster, more powerful CPUs, high performance graphics and video, flexible video display, streaming video, 24/7 availability, more disk options and customizable configurations.  With ATI graphics chips and state-of-the-art video processing, images delivered by Fusion series processors offer the best video quality of any display wall processors on the market today.


ControlPoint, a complete, integrated, and intuitive software solution for the control and management of the Fusion 960 processors, is standard on the Fusion 964.  It provides a consistent user interface to start, position, size, and scale windows, as well as the ability to save display layouts and to quickly recall saved layouts.