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Last update: Friday, 16 July 2010

Clarity 40 Bobcat-X LCD 16:9

The Clarity Bobcat is a 40" direct-view display designed for stand-alone applications in space-constrained environments. It features unprecedented backlight control for longer life, network-based monitoring and control, a protective front faceplate option and retail-friendly design options that set it apart from consumer flat-panel display models.

Bobcat X Features


Flat panel form factor

Only 4" deep, lightweight

Lower cost of ownership

Long life, low power

High image quality

Up to 1366 x 768 resolution, wide viewing angle

More than a television

Many mounting, color and networking options







Clarity 46 Baycat-X LCD 16:9

The Clarity Bay Cat is a 46" display that represents the cutting-edge of direct-view LCD technology. It combines ultra-high resolution and unparalleled image quality in a large format for a wide range of digital signage and mission-critical applications.Its resolution shows every detail in data-driven control centers. And its image quality gives digital signage long-lasting impact. When space is tight, there is no better display.

Bay Cat Features


Flat panel form factor

Only 4" deep, lightweight

Ultra high resolution

1920 x 1080

Lightweight, low power, long life

Lower cost of ownership than plasma

Integration-ready design

Metal enclosure, unobtrusive I/O, integrated wall mount

Image quality in any environment

170 viewing angle, anti-reflective/anti-glare protective glass faceplate







Clarity 57 M57L LCD 16:9

The Clarity m57L is a very large format direct-view LCD monitor designed for high definition control room applications. It combines leading-edge resolution, high reliability and long-life expectancy in a thin monitor that is ideal for displaying mission-critical data. The m57L is the new standard in flat-panel performance.

m57L Features


Very large format

57" diagonal

Superior resolution

High definition 1080p

High image quality

Direct-view LCD

Long life

Auto ambient light sensor